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Martial arts are considered to be one of the best forms of women’s self defense today. If your focus is on self defense, then there are three best forms of martial arts that are ideal for self defense. These are BJJ or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA or mixed martial arts and Muay Thai a form of martial arts that originated from Thailand in South East Asia.

Muay Thai comprises of various strikes taken in standing positions along with unique clinching techniques. It uses kickboxing techniques with pad work, partner drills, shadow boxing techniques and bag works. This form of martial arts is a vital part of all MMA training techniques. The positions being ideal to tackle assailants, most women are taking up training in Muay Thai as self defense to protect themselves from possible attacks like physical assault, stalking and rape.

Muay Thai uses eight contact points in attacks for women’s self defense which includes strong punches, kicks, elbow knock outs, foot strikes, clinches, neck wrestling and knee strikes. Women can defend themselves by using the unique blocking techniques, redirection, evasion, anticipation and disruptions like thrust kicks. Like training in BJJ, acquiring skills in Muay Thai not only helps women to act in self defense but also conditions their body and mind keeping them healthy and stress free.

Amongst women in Muay Thai the name of Claire Haigh deserves mention for her unending contribution and dedication to Muay Thai. Her success has encouraged many women to take up Muay Thai not only as a form of women’s self defense but also as a combat sport. Anne Lieberman is another woman in Muay Thai who deserves mention. She started Muay Thai at an early age of 7 years. She has made her place like many other Thai women in Muay Thai which at one time was predominant as a male sport. These women are ardent practitioners and trainers in Muay Thai today.

Muay Thai is not just a form of women’s self defense art. Training in Muay Thai teaches one discipline. It also teaches one to respect and act in humility. It is understood that women might get hit by their opponent while practicing Muay Thai, but what they need to do is use their opponents’ strength against them through clinching techniques and strikes. The uniqueness in Muay Thai lies in the strategies prepared to face the opponent. If you have pre-defined and practiced strategies in place, self defense will become all the more easier.

If women focus on self defense they must enroll themselves to become a part of the Muay Thai community. Apart from Thailand you will find women in Muay Thai all over the world these days as this form of martial arts for women’s self defense gains popularity worldwide. Muay Thai training comprises of two parts. Part one conditions the body through physical workout sessions while the second part teaches women’s self defense techniques. So instead of spending endless hours at the gym for physical fitness, women should get training in Muay Thai as not only will it help them fight their assailants but will also keep them very physically fit.

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