Venturing Into Muay Thai

Beginners to the combative art of Muay Thai can be grouped into two different categories, one — Muay Thai beginners who have some experience of another form of the combative arts and seek to make a transition, and two — Muay Thai beginners who come into the combative arts with nothing but an idea and the desire to get started, which means they have absolutely no experience of the formalized combative arts whatsoever.

In both the instances of those who have some prior knowledge of another form of the combative arts, as well as those who do not have any knowledge of the combative arts (street fighting doesn’t count), what they will know is that the road ahead requires some dedication of their time, the amount which depends on just how far they want to go with their craft, as well as a desire to learn as they go along.

A separate look at both these paths is necessary though, so as to know exactly where you stand as the novice Muay Thai practitioner, particularly because Mauy Thai is one of the most unique fighting styles in existence today, integrated with a lot of the general traditional values of the native land of the sport, the nation of Thailand.

Venturing into Muay Thai as a Complete Novice

If you are getting into Muay Thai from a standing start, what you will already know about the formalized world of the combative arts is that there is a certain collection of rules and laws within which you will be required to operate and that is no different with Muay Thai, so you will have to be prepared to embark on a little bit of an educational journey and learn the basic fundamentals of the Muay Thai fighting style.

Once you are well-schooled on the fundamentals of the science of the eight limbs, you will shift your focus to perfecting those basics, with the help and guidance of your instructors of course but, depending on just how far you seek to progress with your craft, some extra, supplementary training and practice should be on the cards.

The basics are great to have — in fact the basics are an essential part of the learning process so that you never have to try and rectify any bad habits you may have learned early on in your Muay Thai career, which are scrutinized very closely as your level of competition increases with your advancement, so you will have to spend some time learning the basics and perfecting them, which is something a lot of beginners rush to get passed.

Venturing into Muay Thai from another Combative Art Form

If you are fortunate enough to have had experience in another form of the formalized combative arts, your transition into Muay Thai may prove to be only slightly easier than a complete novice, but it could go either way actually since you might have a hard time trying to unlearn some of the habits of other fighting styles, which are illegal in Muay Thai or just prove to be completely frivolous, so the best approach is to go at it like a complete novice.

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