Safe Children’s Muay Thai

Children Muay thaiWe must not make any beans about it — the combative art of Muay Thai is not one of the easier ones to learn, especially as a beginner who is very young and still very wet behind the ears, but that is not to imply that it is absolutely impossible and should not be attempted at all.

In fact, on the contrary, if you are after a higher quality of life, in which your body functions in the best way it possibly can, you should start the combative art of Muay Thai at a very early age, which is some advice probably more suitably aimed at the parents since the children themselves may not completely understand the implications to be pointed out.

Safe children’s Muay Thai is a the number one priority, above anything else, since children do indeed require a higher level of supervision, especially when active in an environment that actually encourages combative engagement, so as a parent, you need to ensure that your little budding Muay Thai practitioner and future combative arts star takes lessons in a safe environment.

Beyond the consideration of safe children’s Muay Thai, the next thing to look at is exactly what it is your child is going to benefit out of their journey through the world of the combative arts, particularly the ancient Eastern art of Muay Thai.

Naturally, you would be looking for your child to have something to keep them occupied, which is exactly what children’s Muay Thai will offer them, since it is very engaging and requires them to invest a lot of their time and effort into making it a success, which has been seen to be something which comes naturally.

To put the concern of any prospective Muay Thai parents aside, they will be happy to know that the art of Muay Thai is one of the more specialized of the combative arts world, in no way taken lightly by the establishments and facilitators who offer children’s Muay Thai classes, so you can be sure that your child will be safe in taking up Muay Thai classes.

This brings up the next concern for prospective Muay Thai guardians, which is the issue of value — will the child taking part in Muay Thai get the full value of what the craft has to offer, especially seeing that children’s Muay Thai is in a bit more of a protected environment?

The answer to that is a resounding “YES” — children who take part in Muay Thai will get full value for their time, efforts and money, since the very principles which go into the combative art itself dictate that participants learn a few key skills out of their participation, which are graded universally and this grading process forms a very big part of the formation of any combative arts establishment which offers the art of Muay Thai.

In this way, parents can be assured of the fact that most existing Muay Thai establishments exist because they have gone through the grading process and thus exist because of that process.


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Arashi Do North has been open since Jan 2004 (since 1985 in Alberta). We offer Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes to Children 4-7, 8-12, 14-16 and adults (16+). Come try out a class with use and check out our other social media for neat videos and photos.
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